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All kits are durable, built to last, come in colors including luminous black, metallic silver, metallic blue, and metallic red.Wyman piano executives make frequent trips to the factory in Asia to personally discuss production plans, monitor products in process for quality, and inspect finished instruments.Cable have always been recognized as an American standard for upright and grand pianos.America Sejung Corp., the worldwide headquarters for Qinqdao Sejung Musical Instruments Company, Ltd., distributes the Hobart M.As part of JBI, Inc. distributor of Majestic percussion and Mapex concert and marching drums, Ross provides a well-rounded solution to school music programs, dealers and professionals.

Also manufacturer of Mic-7, a premium pickup system for accordions, as well as various MIDI products for accordion. U.S.A. importer and distributor for Borsini, Burini, Piermaria, Concerto, and Sonata accordions as well as Orla keyboards and modules.After his graduation from the Conn Repair School in 1946, he established his own repair shop.All lights are backed by an unconditional guarantee of quality.Stellar is a full core, chromium steel-wound string that is a perfect intermediate string.Features include comfort fitting straps for easy backpack-style transport.

Fax: (912) 351-2028.Wholesale resource of band instruments and accessories, selling to dealers who specialize in school music programs.Read or download 32 free books by Carlo Brera. Read Books Online for Free.The company that invented heavy-duty hardware and the multi-clamp, Tama, The Strongest Name in Drums, is the drum of choice for artists such as Kenny Aronoff, John Blackwell, Bill Bruford, Stewart Copeland, Simon Phillips Mike Portnoy, Bobby Sanabria, Lars Ulrich and other luminaries too numerous to list.Bechstein bought the remaining shares and renamed the company C.Implementing several design features from advanced instruments also significantly reduces production cost.Add to that one of the most varied collections of musical instruments including drums, brass, wind, and even accordions.Violins are available in all sizes and feature the finest in spruce wood with book-matched backs.High quality and extraordinary value is the foundation on which Antigua Winds was formed.

Red Label is a full core, nickel-wound string that is favored by Suzuki Method instructors and by school and private music teachers and students.The precision cast vacuum-process iron frame provides superior strength and stability.Six sizes of grand pianos and four sizes of vertical pianos are manufactured.More recently, innovations in clarinets and double-reed design have enhanced the Artley name and Artley clarinets and double reeds are among the best for sound and reliability.

Today, Leblanc clarinets are achieving even greater prominence through its new Leblanc by Backun professional instruments.Haynes, the first in a family famous for flute making, to design the Selmer flute.

Corpsmaster signature sticks feature custom designs from Ralph Hardimon, Scott Johnson, Tom Aungst, and Jeff Queen.Wheelie bags also feature a telescopic handle to allow easy adjustment to the height of the player.

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Learn how to identify Cooper's Hawk, its life history, cool facts, sounds and calls, and watch videos. Among the bird world’s most skillful fliers, Cooper’s Hawks.Frank Holton died on April 16, 1942.Kull remained the CEO until his death in 1944, but the Frank Holton Company was essentially run by the sales manager, Elliott Kehl, a long-time Holton employee.

In 1956 Ferree bought out the repair tool departments of both Conn and Leblanc.An eligible institution for student assistance under the Canada Student Assistance and Alberta Student Assistance programs.The Jupiter Quantum marching brass, Mapex Quantum marching drums and Majestic Quantum field percussion were created through an ensemble approach to achieve unified voicing.The company manufactures resonator bells, Orff instruments, bell sets, tambourines, and all types of rhythm instruments.

Its product range includes professional ATA and carpet equipment cases, racks, DJ cases, instrument cases, and custom-built ATA cases.Thirty years experience supplying the guitar making industry with woods, tools, parts.Shipping address: 1000 Technology Park Drive, Glen Allen, VA 23059-4500.Custom imprinting is available on the Tortex, Gator Grip, Delrin 500, Jim Dunlop Poly, Ultex, and Shell Classics series.Fingerpicks and Thumbpicks: Gauged nickel-silver, brass, and plastic fingerpicks in mini and standard sizes.The Irmler-Europe line consists of mid-priced European-made grands and verticals in attractive styles and finishes.It has a proven record of success in retail, distribution, and as a factory representative.

Blueberry Guitars is quickly becoming known for having large vibrant sound, and exquisite, and tasteful carving.Music Freight is the only shipping company focused 100% on the music industry serving manufacturers, distributors and retailers.Design your own one-of-a-kind Martin through the Martin Custom Shop.

Fax: (401) 769-8246.Manufacturer of decorative plastic sheets for drum coverings and guitar pickguards.Combined with KMCOnline, KDN provides an additional avenue for dealers to utilize technology solutions to grow sales.Community offers over 150 loudspeaker products including weather resistant systems, ceiling loudspeakers, high level paging systems and portable entertainment systems.

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Pearl River Piano Group America, Ltd. is a division of Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group, Ltd. which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.It was through this affair that Musser succeeded in arranging for a 100 piece Marimba Symphony Orchestra to perform at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago.Larry Ashley, his son, has spent the past five years having artists create the artwork to reproduce popular decals in the collection.

GoldmanExtraordinary handmade hand carved guitars unlike any other.The family-owned firm is the only company to handle hard- rubber molding and vulcanizing in- house for complete control over the quality of its finished products.All instruments feature top grade components such as Kent Armstrong jazz pickups, Kluson tuners, TonePros hardware, and first rate electronics.The award-winning ZZYZX Snap Jack utilizes its world wide patented magnetic technology with their products.Using the highest quality fabrics, these five new straps are an absolutely gorgeous combination of luxurious velvet with a classic floral design.Using the correct forms helps you increase your business and better serve your customers.Black History Month. View All. 30% Off CBC'S 2018 Canada Reads Contenders Shop. Our Picks of the Month Shop All. Need to Know by Karen Cleveland. Brave by Rose McGowan.Lighting products include LEDs, par cans, stage lighting packages, sound-active dance floor lighting, intelligent lights, fog machines, strobe lights, lasers and more.Palatino remains focused on providing high-quality, well-built pianos at budget prices that are perfect for first-time buyers or rental programs.